Website and Web application development, including:

  • Responsive, retina-ready layouts in HTML5/CSS3
  • WordPress website development: bespoke themes and plugins
  • E-commerce development
  • Web application architecture, planning, and development
  • JavaScript, jQuery and PHP coding and debugging

Give me more technical details

  • Advanced HTML5 / CSS3, JavaScript (particularly jQuery, incl. AJAX)
  • Use of LESS, Sass and the ‘mobile first’ approach in front-end development to optimize performance
  • Advanced PHP/MySQL development (incl. OOP and database design), familiar with MVC frameworks
  • Specialised in WordPress (bespoke theme and plugin development) and can work with any PHP-based CMS (experience with Joomla, Drupal, MoDX)
  • Use of RESTful APIs, e.g. Flickr, Twitter, YouTube
  • Versioning: svn, git
  • Awareness and practical knowledge of: X-browser compatibility, semantic markup, coding best practices, accessibility, SEO

Experience being involved in web project management and sales process, including:

  • Initial client meeting
  • Technical brief refinement
  • Project proposal writing
  • Project timeline and T&Cs definition