Flickr set slideshows plugin for WordPress

Easily embed slideshows of your Flickr photosets in your posts and pages with this Flickr set slideshows plugin.

Download the plugin

Once you have linked your Flickr account to the plugin (see settings section below), creating a slideshow of one of your Flickr photosets is as easy as choosing the set and the slideshow’s dimensions from a drop down list. You can then embed the slideshow anywhere in your posts or pages by copying and pasting a shortcode. When you create or edit a slideshow, Flickr set slideshow will provide you with an instant preview.

From here:


Slideshow in a blog post

Slideshow in a blog post

Flickr set slideshow plugin settings page screenshot

Settings page

Creating a slideshow

Creating a slideshow

Slideshow listing and editing page

Slideshow listing and editing page


Current version: 0.9

  • use of https to call gallery itself


  • use of https to call Flickr API


  • cleaned code in delete gallery function


  • updated FAQ to accommodate changes in Flickr vocabulary


  • updated gallery code to repair incompatibility with some servers/themes


  • replaced the file_get_contents() functions by wp_remote_get() to sort out incompatibilities with some servers. Many thanks to Marcello Seri for pointing that out and offering solutions!


  • fixed broken link in message


  • fixed broken submission url when WordPress files installed in directory other than root
  • Updated FAQ


The easy way

  1. Download the plugin – it will come as a .zip file
  2. Log in to your WordPress dashboard
  3. Go to Plugins > Add new
  4. Under the ‘Install Plugins’ header, click ‘Upload’
  5. Click the ‘Choose File’ button, browse your computer to find the .zip file downloaded at step 1, click ‘Install now’
  6. Click the ‘Activate plugin’ link

See the next section (‘Plugin setup’) to link the plugin to your Flickr account.

The show off way

  1. Download the plugin .zip file
  2. Unzip the file
  3. Upload the ‘flickr-set-slideshows’ directory to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory
  4. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress

See the next section (‘Plugin setup’) to link the plugin to your Flickr account.

Plugin Setup

To link the plugin to your Flickr account:

  1. Get your Flickr screen name; You can find your screen name on your Flickr account/settings page ,, under ‘Your screen name’.
  2. Get a Flickr API Key – the following Youtube video will tell you how:
  3. Go to your WordPress dashoboard
  4. Go to ‘Settings’ >’Flickr set slideshows’
  5. Enter your Flickr screen name and API key
  6. Click ‘Save changes’, and you’re ready to go!

User guide

To create a new slideshow

From your WordPress dashboard,

  1. Go to ‘Flickr Set Slideshows’ > ‘Add new’,
  2. Select a photoset from the drop down list,
  3. Select a size for your slideshow,
  4. Click ‘Save changes’,
  5. A confirmation message will appear at the top of the screen with a shortcode following the format [fsg_gallery id=”XX”], where XX is a number.
  6. Copy and paste this shortcode wherever you want the slideshow to appear in your posts and pages.

To insert a slideshow into a post or page

On creating a slideshow, you will receive a shortcode following the format [fsg_gallery id=”XX”], where XX is a number. Copy and paste this code in the page or post where you want the slideshow to appear.

You can come back to the shortcode later, it will be saved in your slideshow listing at ‘Flickr set slideshows’ > ‘Flickr set slideshows’.

To edit/remove a slideshow

You can do this from your slideshow listing located at ‘Flickr set slideshows’ > ‘Flickr set slideshows’

Note the deleting a slideshow will remove it from the posts and pages in which you have inserted it.

To change the size of a slideshow, simply click on the ‘change size’ link of the corresponding slideshow, choose a new size from the drop down list and Voila!


I’ve installed the plugin. What now?

You need to link it to your Flickr account. To do this, log in to your WordPress dashboard, go to ‘Settings’ > ‘Flickr set slideshows’. Enter your Flickr screen name and a Flickr API key – have a look above at the ‘Plugin setup’ section for more details.

What is my Flickr screen name?

You can find your screen name on your Flickr account/settings page,, under ‘Your screen name’.

How do I get an API key

The following Youtube video explains how to get an API key for the Flickr Set Slideshows plugin: (it’s the same video that can be played from the ‘Plugin setup’ section above).

Some of my Flickr photosets are not appearing in my set list. Why?

Only the sets that are public can be used by this plugin. Private sets (which is any set that contains at least one private picture) will not be returned by Flickr to be publicly displayed as a slideshow. Make sure that all the sets you want to show in your website are public. If the problem persists, please get in touch (see below).

Where do I go to report bugs, for complaints, moans, suggestions or to sing your praises?

Just send an email to, alternatively, leave a comment below!



First, beautiful job on your plug-in. It looks great on my new site I am developing. I have a question on mobile support. Have you come any closer to a solution, seeing as mobile devices no longer support Flash. If not, any thought to adding some code that will disable the plug-in on a mobile device so it does not show a large blank space? Thanks again!


This has been addressed in the latest versions of the plugin. Please update to version 0.9 and it should be fine.


Hi Glenn, I think this is sorted in the latest version of the plugin (0.9). At least it works for me. Flickr has changed the way it deals with requests from third party websites and this is taken into account the new version.


Hi Everyone,

Apologies for the late reply. I have been very busy with contracts.

I’d like to remind everyone that the slideshow itself is provided by Flickr. The plugin only offers an easy way to integrate the Flickr slideshow in your WordPress website.

If you have any issues with the way the slideshow displays (or doesn’t display) for certain devices etc. The best thing to do is to flag it to the Flickr support team. Once the slideshow has been updated, I can then update the plugin accordingly.



Hi there..
First off, let me begin by saying how excited I was to have stumbled upon your cool plugin. It’s easy functions are just amazing and just what I was looking for. Using a flickr slideshow has a lot of advantages for one’s website and publicity of photos, etc as we all now. For me it works perfect on my laptop, (mac), but as I sadly just discovered, does not work in my mini iPad, (iOS 7), or my mobile phone, (android 4.2).
As I have read above, it is a flash issue with the iOS, but also for android phones ? Are there any plans to update this wonderful plugin for HTML 5 support soon…? I’d hate to stop using this plugin.
Appreciate your time in this..



Dear Marie,

The plugin works great, still i failed to control it’s z-order! while it’s on my page by the shortcut [fsg_gallery id=”2″] it’s always blocks the dropdown nav. menu (which is right above the slideshow). How to control’s it’s Z-index? I’ve tried to put z-index:9999; in my menu’s css class, still no luck…



Hi Marie,

first of all: I appreciate your plugin very much as it provides a convenient and pretty way to show my portfolio on my website.

Today I added several new sets, slideshows resp., and I realized the following issue. The slideshows are properly displayed in the WordPress backend, however in the frontend I got a “no show”: Not a single slideshow works – I have no idea what the reason might be.

I do use WP 3.7.1 – and I don’t have a clue since when the problem exists. Any idea?

Best regards


Hi Anders,

I can see the slideshows from my computer. Are you by any chance looking at them from an iPhone or iPad?

The slideshows are displayed using Flash, which is not supported on Apple products…


plug – in works on Firefox but not Safari. How do I get it to work on all? Cheers thanks


Hi Don,

The slideshow displayed by the plugin is written in Flash. Flash is not supported on Apple products. In other words, it won’t show up on an iPhone or iPad but will work in Safari on Windows for example.

If you need it to work on iPhone and iPad, it’s best to use another plugin – one written in Javascript rather than Flash.

Emma Bornebroek

(and when I then try and add a set, it asks me to set up my account)


Hi Albert,

There is no option to change it but if you’re happy to do a bit of coding, here are the solutions:

1. You can edit the function that renders the gallery. It’s called ‘make_gallery_html’ and can be found in the file names ‘flickr-set-slideshows-funstions.php’. The width and height variables are simply called $w and $h.

2. Create a JQuery function that sets off once the page is loaded and changes the dimensions of the object and embed elements that make up the gallery.

João Rodrigues


I’m trying to use your plugin but it always give me an error
Fatal error: Cannot use object of type WP_Error as array in /srv/disk7/1507576/www/ on line 137

What Am I doing wrong? Can you help me?



Hi Joao,

Could you please tell me when the message appears? As soon as you open the settings page, when you enter your screen name and API key?…


João Rodrigues

Hi! I get the error when I try to authenticate with flickr. But I try with another server and it works fine. I need to find a good free host.


Hi Marie.
For a few days the galleries created with your app not loaded. Nothing appears on the screen. What is the problem? Is it possible it is for WordPress 3.6.1 update? Thank you.


Hi Dani,

The whole Flickr website/service is currently down for maintenance. I’m guessing that’s why the slideshows suddenly stopped working. We’ll have to see what happens when they are done with their upgrade.

Best SEO Web Design

Having an issue with the “Flickr set slideshows” Plugin auto-sizing for mobile devices on cyberchimps “Responsive” theme (latest versions of both). The end result is that the Responsive theme displays correctly on a smaller display, (such as a smart phone), but the Flickr set slideshows are huge and go way outside the boundary of the site.

Any help is greatly appreciated… I don’t know if this caused by the plugin, the theme, a jquery conflict, or Flickr. As a matter of fact, the only reason I needed the Flickr set slideshows plugin, was because I cannot seem to find any option on for embedding slideshows any longer. (so maybe its a Flickr issue?)




The slideshow displayed by the plugin is the slideshow provided by Flickr itself.

It is an iFrame with set width and height. The only way to make it responsive is to use Javascript to resize it to fit its container and resize with the page.

Hope that helps.


Hi there,

I can see my sets after activation in the dropdown menu, but when I paste in the code I see a black box that say’s “Oh no we couldn’t find anything”?

Please advise.



Hi Christine,

That happens when some photos in the set are set to ‘private’ or if your account privacy settings ( are too strict in general.

Please make sure every photo in the set can be viewed by everyone and review your privacy settings and it should work.


Hi Tally,

Have you tried changing these two:
– Hide your stuff from public searches – NO
– Hide your profile from public searches – NO

Ashley Fulwood


Excellent app which I think is ideal for what I want to do. One issue I have is that if I select a ‘small or medium sized’ set, it displays small in admin, but on my page always displays at large sizes. Any ideas?

Thank you. Ashley


Hi Ashley,

I’ve just had a look at your site. There is a script in your theme that forces any video or flash slideshow to take the full width of the page.

Unfortunately, I don’t think there is an easy way to turn that feature off…


Hi Maria,

Is there a way i can make the photo slides play
automatically..i looked at the PHP file and am racking my brains in to this. Please help..


Hi Paul,

Unfortunately, there isn’t. The slideshow is the one provided by Flickr and doesn’t have an ‘autoplay’ option.


Hello! I just wanted to ask if you ever have any issues with hackers?

My last blog (wordpress) was hacked and I ended up losing a few months of hard work due to
no back up. Do you have any solutions to protect against hackers?


Hi Katie,

To see the caption (or ‘photo info’ as per the Flickr vocab), your slideshow needs to be over 700px wide and the viewer needs to click on the ‘Show info’ link at the top.


Hi David,

Unfortunately, no. It only shows sets from a single account.


Hi!, i need your help.. when i configure your plugins worpress send mi the last message..
Fatal error: Cannot use object of type WP_Error as array in /home/meyer/public_html/christian/wp-content/plugins/flickr-set-slideshows/flickr-set-slideshows-options.php on line 137
i dont now!

wtha hapenned?? please help.


Hi Christian,

To understand what is going on, could you please ask the support team of your hosting if they can see any error message in the PHP error log? Thanks!

Anna Bianca

I try tu use your plugin. Installed, acrivated, setting ok.
But if I go to £add a new” there are only a empty page, no option appear. I try to cancel, reinstall, disacrive, reactive…
not work !
Have you idea that appens ?
Thanks !

Anna Bianca

Now, it appear. Chose a set, setting 400×300, save….
all disappera, nothing saved, and now “add a new” blank page !


Hi Anna,

Sorry to hear you are experiencing problems. You are the only user to report this problem so far despite it being a significant glitch, so I suspect the problem lies with your WordPress site or with your hosting.

I suggest having a look at other pages of your WP admin to see if the problem is more general. You could also ask your hosting company whether they’ve been made aware of problems with WP websites lately.



I was wondering if there was a way to use the photostream instead of a set?




Hi Mark,

Unfortunately, you can’t get a slideshow of the whole photostream using Flick set slideshows. That said, you can easily embed it manually from the Flickr website. When you view your photostream, click ‘slideshow’. When viewing the slideshow, click ‘share’ on the top-right-hand corner. You can either grab the code directly from there or click ‘Customize this HTML’ to change the width and height of the slideshow before embedding.

Hope that helps!

Ids Pultrum

Hi Marie,

Thanks for the great plugin! It works fine my browsers on my pc, however I can’t get it to work on mobile devices, such as my ipad. Do you have a solution for that?




Hi Ids,

First of all, many thanks for using the plugin.

The slideshow generated by Flickr set slideshows is the ‘official’ one provided directly by Flickr. Unfortunately, it is implemented in Flash, which is not supported on Apple products.

I’ll see if I can improve that in a future version of the plugin.


when i click on “add new”
i have this message :Fatal error: Cannot use object of type WP_Error as array in /homez.582/mesrecetn/www/wp-content/plugins/flickr-set-slideshows/flickr-set-slideshows-new.php on line 99
do you have any idea about that ?
i already created 14 slideshows without any problem.
thks for your help


Hi Paris,

Sorry for the delay in replying. That sounds really odd as it hasn’t happened before. Just to make sure I get it right, does it happen when you click on ‘Add new’ in the menu, or on ‘Save changes’ in the ‘add new slideshow’ page?

Many thanks!


Not sure if it’s the plugin or a conflict from something else, but the height element of the slideshow defaults at approximately 220px no matter what size option I choose. So I get an envelope like display with a small image and thick black left and right borders. Changing the height in the flickr-set-slideshows-functions.php file doesn’t make a difference. Any thought?



Hi James,

It sounds like another plugin or your theme is adding some sort of formatting to the slideshow. To identify the problematic element, I suggest turning the plugins off one at a time and then to try with another theme and see when the slideshow displays correctly.

Hope that helps!


btw, I have checked the privacy settings and I did the:
-‘value’ field of the table, click the ‘call method’ button.-


Hi Claudia,

Is the result of the ‘call method’ still positive when you are not logged into Flickr?


Hi Marie,
when I enter the Flickr username and Flickr API key it gives me the following message: “This username was not found on flickr. Please check you typed it correctly.”

I have double checked and even gotten several API keys. But it keeps giving me the same error message. any ideas why?

Thank you!


I am having exact same problem. I am using the newest version of WordPress. Please advise.


Just in case anyone keeps having this problem, I found out you have to use the screen name, not the flickr ID necessarily. I was using the ID, and it wasn’t working. My screen name is essentially the same, but it has a space. But that’s the one that got the settings to save properly.



Thanks for this, Jason!

I still need to update the setup instructions and the FAQ since FLICKR has changed its vocabulary -_-


Short question:

Is it possible to link more flickr accounts to the plugin?


I’m afraid not.

If you can’t find any plugin that does that, you can always embed the slideshows by hand (when you view a set in Flickr, go to ‘Slideshow’, then ‘share’ and copy and paste the embed code).

Will think about that for future versions of the plugin.


Hi, great plug-in, thanks! I have no problems with the galleries showing up in posts, etc but is there any way to dynamically loop through the galleries added and output them as a list, etc? Thanks!


Hi Justin! Do you mean you want to use a php function in your themes that would give a listing of the gallery of some sort? If that’s the case, try the get_galleries() function. This will give you a raw output of the db table that holds the galleries info. You can then use the make_gallery_html( ID_of_the_gallery ) function to display each gallery. Does that make sense?


Hi Marie, greetings from Brasil! At first i like to say a big thanks for this great app, it would solve a problem that is show lots of imagens from a unique post. And then i got to say that you look really beautiful ;). I have the same problem of my friend above Ben West, everything looks fine in the preview, but when the post goes up, the only thing we see is a blank box 🙁 the page is


Hey Roger! Usually, that happens when another plugin or the theme is interfering with the code for the Flickr slideshow. The thing to do to spot the problematic element is to turn the plugins off one at a time and see if the slideshow works when one of them is off. If the problem persists, you might want to try what happens with another theme too.

I’ve had a look at your site (I couldn’t view the page at the link you posted – it’s a preview screen and only admin can see that), and there are a few JavaScript errors on there so I suspect there’s a faulty plugin at the source of this.

Hope that helps and please let us know how you get on!


Oops! My bad!

Had a look at my code again and found a few stray line breaks. I’m uploading a new version, you should be able to update in a few hours (latest). let me know if the problem persists!


Hi Marie!
Girl, you’re amazing, everything is working fine now! Thanks a lot for your support and attention. I will be a great fan and enthusiast of your work. Best regards!


Rogerio Ruiz – São Paulo – Brasil


im afraid im having the same issue with the blank boxes, the preview is working fine.
theme name is: Unite
very popular theme i purchased.

any fix for that?
when trying to view with chrome i see blank boxes, when trying with IE i see alot of code…

any idea?
thanks in advance!


Hi there!

I just had a look at your website (link you entered in the comment form). It seems some html tags are added to the code of the slideshow. This often happens when the theme or another plugin post-processes page content.

My suggestion is to test what is causing the problem by seeing if it works:
– when you switch to another theme
– when you turn the other plugins off one at a time

Hope that helps!

Enric Pedrós

Hi Marie ..

I want to edit some slideshow..

1.-) I got the API number .. the longer one..
2.- I installed the plugins
3.- I put the Fickr name ..femaccat
4.- Then.. I put the API number…

But when I click on save changes.. it says the username was not found.. but it is the correct…

Can you help me ??

Thanks alot ..

Enric Pedrós

art j. vandelay

Hey Marie,

Can you please add a NON-AUTO PLAY for the videos. Whenever I post a video set, they start playing automatically, and making people go crazy…

Also, my video sets are not working now, it stopped working, why would be the reason??

art j. vandelay

Hey Marie,

Can you add the option for non-autoplay of video sets. I really need to turn-off autoplaying. All videos start playing when I open my blog and you have to stop all videos in a set. Taking consideration that in a blog different set of videos can be uploaded, there is almost a dozen sounds starting to play at once when you open my blog…it makes people really mad…

Waiting for your help asap…



Hi Art,

Thanks for using the plugin!

The slideshow that is displayed is the default slideshow provided by Flickr. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a control for ‘autoplay’. You might want to try another plugin. Sorry…



Hi Marie,
I moved my site to a new server and everything was good for about a week and then all my slideshows stopped working (black screen) and my Photosets are also blank.

I’ve double and triple checked my username and API key.

When I go to my Flickr page everything looks normal and all photos are set to public.

Any suggestions?



Hi Dave,

First of all, sorry for the late reaction – I was having a break.

The fact that it has stopped working is very weird. Have you tried using a new API key?



Having an issue with sets not showing even when they are public. Any help would be proper. Thanks


Hi Awpov,

Two things:

1. Did you go through the settings at Settings > Flickr set slideshows?

2. Flickr is quite strict on privacy, if even a single picture of the set is private, the whole set is treated as private so I would advise to double check privacy settings for every picture.

Hope this works!

Nicole L. Green

I have done everything that was said to do to use flickr on wordpress, yet I still don’t see and Photo sets in my list and whenever I try to connect and login tho flickr to wordpress, it say am using the wrong user name and wrong url please help.
Please help me.
Nicole L. Green

RE Mason

Thanks for making a plug-in that is easy enough for someone with my (low) level of technical skill to understand! I really appreciate the explanatory videos and easy-to-understand stuff that pops up in WordPress.

At first glance, it appears there are no settings to:
1) Choose autoplay
2) Avoid having username and Flikr super-titling at the beginning
3) Set timing for scroll
Am I missing something?

That’s a lot of complaining from someone who doesn’t know much!

Thanks again for your work…


Hi Raz,

Thanks for the feedback. No, these options are not available. The slideshow displayed is the default slideshow provided by Flickr that does not provide that flexibility I’m afraid.

Ben West

Great app, this will solve a lot of issues I have been having with slideshow sizing etc. Thank you. One question though, I have linked my flickr account and made a slideshow which previews perfectly in the flickr set slideshows tab but when I copy the shortcode in to a post I only get a blank box. Am I doing something wrong?


Hi Ben,

Let’s see if we can get that sorted! Could you please reply with a copy and paste of the shortcode that you get? Also, do you get an error message at all when you save the slideshow?


Ben West

Here is the shortcode: [fsg_gallery id=”1″]
Do I post it into the HTML or visual box (Have been putting it into the visual…


Ok, just had a look at the galleries on the page. There seem to be funny additions to the code, maybe due to some extra processing by the theme.

Is it a freely available theme? If yes, let me know which one it is so I can do some testing. If it’s a commercial one, you might want to ask the developers if they have an idea about what is going on.

It might be worth, turning other plugins off one by one as well to test for incompatibilities.

Let me know how it goes 🙂


First the praise: Great work, very nice plugin!

Then the question: I need more flexibility with the sizes, the 4 available options don’t correspond to my needs. Can I hack this somewhere and how?




Hi Ray,

First of all: thanks 🙂

As for the size hack, I can see two ways to do this.

1. You can edit the function that renders the gallery. It’s called ‘make_gallery_html’ and can be found in the file names ‘flickr-set-slideshows-funstions.php’. The width and height variables are simply called $w and $h.

2. Create a JQuery function that sets off once the page is loaded and changes the dimensions of the object and embed elements that make up the gallery.

I plan to add more flexibility in a future release of the plugin but that might take some time I’m afraid…

Any other way I can help, just let me know!

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